Is Votee free?
Yes. Available now on both iOS and Android.
Does Votee have a private feature?
Only your followers will see your questions. What if you want only only your inner circle of friends to vote on something? Our private feature gives you the discretion to choose whom you want to invite, allowing total 100% privacy. So wether you want only a certain chat group to vote, or if you want the world, using the invite features allows you to customise your invitation list.
How do I ask a question?
  1. Tap on the "+" icon in the middle of the bottom panel,
  2. Write your question (e.g. who should I pick for my prom date?)
  3. Snap a photo, or choose an image from your camera roll or leave it as a text option
  4. Optional: label your answers (e.g. Josh, Gordon, or Ethan)
  5. Invite your friends from the dropdown list, or open the question to the public.
  6. Ask!
Are my votes publicly visible?
Yes they are. However, if you want your vote to be anonymous, all you have to do is tap and hold on the circular voting icon and select the ‘Vote Secretly’ option.
How do I manage my notifications on my iPhone?
On your iPhone or Android, go to Settings > Notifications > Votee > and select ‘On’ or ‘Off’. You can also customise your notification settings by tapping on the gear icon in your profile page. From there, tap on Notification Settings to customise.
How do I reset/change my password?
On your Profile page, tap on the gear icon. From there, you have the option to change your password.
Can I share my questions with people on other platform?
All your questions, and public questions, can be shared on the following platforms: Whatsapp, Facebook, WeChat or Email. You can also generate a unique link, and share it with the world.
Can I block users?
Yes – you can block any user simply by tapping on the person’s profile.
Can I unblock users if I change my mind?
Yes. Go to your Profile page, tap on Votee contacts. From there, choose Blocked Users on the top right and select the person you want to unblock.

If you have any further questions that haven’t been answered, feel free to contact us at support@votee.com and we’ll get back to you as quick as our Internet speed allows us to!