Client :
Win City Coffee

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Services Used : Survey Campaign

Project Deliverables : Brand Strategy Direction , Marketing Content ideas , Product types expansion, Insight to Action Report

“We got some really good direction from Votee as to how HK people consume coffee. These insights really guided us as to where we should direct our efforts. In addition, we’ve seen direct sales coming from Votee’s panels which once again, shows us that Votee is not just insights, but a total marketing platform.”


Business Director

Our Client

Our client, a wholesale specialty coffee roaster in Hong Kong, is in the process of an ambitious venture expanding into the retail coffee business. They were looking to gain a deeper understanding of market segmentation in Hong Kong among coffee drinkers.

The Challenge

Although being confident about the quality of their hand-brewed products, Wincity needed more insights into both consumption behaviours at home and in the office, to what factors users considered before making a coffee-related purchase. In addition to insights on consmption, Wincity wanted to identify the most effective marketing channels and business development recommendations. With potentially new found insights, Wincity was ready and open to adopt new ways of reaching retail consumers in addiition to their existing online retail model.

The Solution

Votee offered a suite of analytics that made the complex insights journey for Wincity into a readable and understandable dataset that communicated in real time, what panels were thinking. Throughout the entire process, Wincity was able to view the analysis of each response for both open and closed ended questions in real-time. Votee’s solution also included the origination of panels through Votee’s database, which was further prequalified by Wincity’s requirements. At the end, Wincity was able to obtain thousands opinions through hundreds of pre-qualified panels providing insights to Wincity. In addition to the live insights, Votee also provided a research report with actionable insights, on-call technical support along the way and a promotional code for purchasing Wincity coffee products, which resulted in direct sales through Votee.

The Actions

At the end of the campaign, Votee provided actionable points from how WCC should approach marketing (KOL vs social media vs tutorial videos) to users preferred way of making coffee at home (drip bags vs coffee capsules vs Wincity’s “Grind for me” beans for a convenient way of consuming coffee). Votee collected hundreds of HK coffee drinkers insights, visualised it into actionable insights and nudged another business into the right direction.